Enrolment of Students

For Academic Year -


Examination Appeared Passed
1st BHMS, 2019 (New Regulations)4113
2nd BHMS, 2019 2110
3rd BHMS, 2019 3532
4th BHMS, 20193727

College Toppers - 4th BHMS Exam under WBUHS(Year wise):
2019: Chinmay Pramanik, Roll No. 19042010329, Registration No. 4918 of 2014-2015, Full Marks: 1600, Marks Obtained: 1046

2018: Aishwarya Singha, Roll No. 18042010304, Registration No. 5262 of 2013-2014, Full Marks: 1600, Marks Obtained: 1142

2017: Abhijit Maity, Roll No. 17042010358, Registration No. 4744 of 2012-2013, Full Marks: 1600, Marks Obtained: 1152

2016: Anjali Sharma, Roll No. 16042010282, Registration No. 4696 of 2011-2012, Full Marks: 1600, Marks Obtained: 1014

2015: Sayantan Chakraborty, Roll No. 15042010271, Registration No. 4217 of 2010-2011, Full Marks: 1600, Marks Obtained: 1028
2014: Anupam Mukherjee, Roll No. 14042010203, Registration No. 3805 of 2009-2010, Full Marks: 1600, Marks Obtained: 1021

2013: Moksura Khatun, Roll No. 13042010202, Registration No. 3123 of 2008-2009, Full Marks: 1600, Marks Obtained: 1077

2012: Alpana Patra, Roll No. 1204210184, Registration No. 3114 of 2007-2008, Full Marks: 1600, Marks Obtained: 1000

2011: Ishita Goswami, Roll No. 1104210199, Registration No. 2378 of 2006-2007, Full Marks: 1600, Marks Obtained: 1048

STSH 2014 winners from MHMCH

NameTopic of ResearchGuide
Debadrita ChatterjeeEffect of Homoeopathic medicine in dysfunctional Uterine bleeding.Dr Debashis Biswas
Sutanu PatraEfficacy of Homoeopathic medicine in prevention of Pre Diabetes.Dr Aloke Kr Ghosh

Day of Observation

Sl. No.Observation/ CelebrationDay(s)
1.Republic Day26th January
2.Hahnemann's Birthday10th April
3.Independence Day15th August
4.College Foundation Day & Ex-students' re-union3rd & 4th December
Observation/ Celebration Organized by Students' Union
5.Freshers' Welcome
6.Farewell to 5th year students
7.Doctors' day
8.Saraswati Puja
9.Indoor & Outdoor Games
10.Colourful Social Function
11.Publication of Annual Magazine

Students of MHMCH, Midnapore Completed/ Pursuing MD(Hom)

Sl. No.Name of StudentsSessionName of InstituteSubject
Outgoing Batch 2010
1.Dr Sanghamitra Debdas2013-16NIH, Salt Lake-
2.Dr Sanjit Biswas2013-16MBHMC, Howrah-
3.Dr Abhisekh Saha2015-18DNDe HMC, Kolkata-
4.Dr Sanjay Debnath2013-16NIH, Salt Lake-
5.Dr Javed Aqutar Bappa2013-16NIH, Salt Lake-
6.Dr Uddipan Biswas2012-15MBHMC, Howrah-
7.Dr Debabrata Chatterjee2012-15MBHMC, Howrah-
8.Dr Boishakhi Ghosh2013-16MBHMC, Howrah-
9.Dr Madan Pal2013-16MBHMC, Howrah-
Outgoing Batch 2011
1.Dr Debashis Dinda2015-18NIH, Salt Lake-
2.Dr Debashis Sharma Sarkar2015-18NIH, Salt Lake-
Outgoing Batch 2012
1.Dr Shimul Das2015-18MBHMC, Howrah-
2.Dr Soumyabrata Dogra2016-19MBHMC,Howrah-
3.Dr Prabir Besai2016-19NIH, Salt Lake-
4.Dr Alok Nath Shaw2015-18DNDe HMC, Kolkata-
5.Dr Indrajit Singh Sarder2015-18DNDe HMC, Kolkata-
Outgoing Batch 2013
1.Dr Tanmoy Sarkar2017-20Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune-
Outgoing Batch 2014
1.Dr Pamela Kundu2016-19Fr Muller HMC, Mangalore-
2.Dr Ruma Deb Barma2015-18NIH, Salt Lake-
3.Dr Abhinandan Das2017-20Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune-
4.Dr Abhisekh Sabud2017-20Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune-
Outgoing Batch 2015
1.Dr Anupam Mukherjee2017-20Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune-
2.Dr Shabnam Zabeen2018-21DNDe HMC, Kolkata-
3.Dr Sayani Ghosh2018-21DNDe HMC, Kolkata-
4.Dr Sayantani Pal2019-22NIH, KolkataOrganon of Medicine
Outgoing Batch 2016
1.Dr Bakibillah Laskar2018-21NIH, Salt Lake-
Outgoing Batch 2017
1.Dr Sumanta Jana2018-21MBHMC, Howrah-
2.Dr Suranjana Ghosh2019-22NIH, KolkataMateria Medica
Outgoing Batch 2018
1.Dr Nilanjana Guha2018-21MBHMC, Howrah-
2.Dr Akanksha Rani Singh2018-21NIH, KolkataOrganon of Medicine

College Seminar & Workshop

Regular seminar & time to time workshop are being conducted in our Institution by Speakers from College Hospital and outside. Speakers from of different places of India graced our seminars & Workshop.

Celebration of Foundation Day & Alumni

This is observed on 3rd December along with Alumni in the Institution with glory fame and with great enthusiasm. Present & Ex-students take part in the festival with Quiz Competition, Case Discussion and Repertorisation. Scientific Seminars are held with eminent speakers from the different corners of the country with colourful cultural night.

scientific exhibition

Scientific Exhibition of our College & Hospital is a point of another attraction and Education to the students and people of the town & outside.

Students' Union:

As soon as the students get admitted in the First B.H.M.S. class of this Institution. She/he will become the member of union. On Each year every student to pay his union fee to continue her/his membership to promote and fulfil the purpose of the students' union and will take part in the social, cultural, literary, athletic and other aspects of the academic life inside or outside the college, both collectively & individually. The colourful social function followed by Annual General Meeting marks the end of a calender year of students union. Students Union fee Rs. 495.00 for 1st BHMS & Rs. 300.00 for other years.


  • Dr. M.B. De, Es-Asst. Prof. FSM, Declared Gold Medal to the student Secured First Place in University Exam. (Nani-Ramani Gold Medal).
  • Dr. P.K. Karak Ex-Teacher in Charge, Lecturer of Repertory, declared for a silver medal for the subject Repertory in the memory of his parents "Surendra Putibala Memorial Award".
  • Dr. S.K. Gupta, Asst. Prof. Materia Medica declared Silver Medal for the student in the memory of his father who will submit Best Assignment Project.
  • Dr. Abhiram Nayak, HOD of FMT declared Silver Medal for the student who obtains highest marks in the subject FMT for the memory of Grand Father "Khirod Memorial Award".
  •  Awards in Alumni & Foundation Day Ceremony: 
    1. Dr. T.P. Chatterjee, declared Silver Medal for the memory of his parents(Nani Memorial Award) for the students who will obtain highest marks in Obstetrics & Gynaecology.
    2. Dr. A.K. Mahakul, Vice Principal & Prof. of Anatomy, declared Silver Medal to the student who will obtain highest mark in Anatomy in the memory of his father 'Gnanendra Nath Memorial Award' since 2001.
    3. Dr. (Mrs.) Namita Mahapatra(Das Mahapatra) Part time Lect. declared Silver Medal for the student who will obtain highest mark in Materica Medicain 2nd BHMS Exam. in the memory of her parents 'Phanibhusan & Bijoya Memorial Award'.