1. To create interest in Homoeopathic Science and to improve the standard of Homoeopathic Medical Edication for both Under Graduate, Post Graduate students and thus to give better service to the country under the Indian System of Medicine & Homoeopathy (ISMH/AYUSH).

2. To maintain the College & Hospital for study ofHomoeopathy.

3. To promote, encourage and assist the science and art of Homoeopathy system of education.

4. To promote, Discussion and exchange of views among the medical personal and member of alumni.

5. to maintain and safeguard the material interest and status of Homoeopathic Medical professional in the town, district, neighbouring districts and abroad.

6. To alleviate the suffering of the poor & distressed by proper care and treatment in every possible way.

7. To keep better relationship between university and Govt. in the academic and administrative interest of the College Hospital

8. To Promote the research activities in Homoeopathy.


As per recommendation minimum requirement of Central Council of Homoeopathy regulation 2002, 43 teaching Post including Principal were approved by the Department of Health & Family Welfare (ISHM/AYUSH) Govt. of West Bengal and as per C.C.H. Regulation 2002 for a Degree College & Hospital the total number of non teaching staff approved 15. Steps to approve the minimum unifirm non teaching staff & hospital staff by the Department of Health & Family Welfare (ISHM/AYUSH) Govt. of West Bengal is under deep consideration.


Course Name Course Duration (in months) Syllabus/Exam
BHMS 54 1st Year - BHMS
2nd Year - BHMS
3rd Year - BHMS
4th Year - BHMS
*New Syllabus for BHMS (2015-16) will be available here shortly.

Internship training

Students after having passed successfully the Internship B.H.M.S. Examination are required to undergo a twelve months Stipendiary Training (presently INR 27,405.00/month) to get Practical & Clinical experience in the OPD & IPD of the Hospital for obtaining the B.H.M.S. Degree.

house staffship

After completion of compulsory Stipendiary Internship, mostly all candidates for all the four Govt. Colleges are selected on the basis of marks & merit and considering their duty in Internship which is Stipendiary INR 44,534.00/-. After completion of 6 months House Staffship - among them only 160 candidates are selected for 4 Govt. Colleges ( 40 for each college ) to undergo 6 months senior Housestaffship, which is also stipendiary INR 44,534.00/- per month.