Fees Structure of 1st B.H.M.S. Admission, Session 2019-20

Sl. No.ItemAmount
1.Admission fee:Rs. 1000.00 (Rupees one thousand only)
2.Caution money:Rs. 1000.00 (Rupees one thousand only)
3.Tution fees (for 6 months):Rs. 3300.00 (Rupees three thousand three hundred only)
4.Library fees:Rs. 10.00 (Rupees ten only)
5.Laboratory fees:Rs. 10.00 (Rupees ten only)
6.I.C.:Rs. 15.00 (Rupees fifteen only)
7.Exam fees:Rs. 20.00 (Rupees twenty only)
8.Student's Health Home:Rs. 5.00 (Rupees five only)
9.Student's union fees:Rs. 3000.00 (Rupees three thousand only)
Total:Rs. 8360.00 (Rupees eight thousand three hundred and sixty only)

Boys Hostel fees

Sl. No.ItemAmount
1.Admission fee:Rs. 2500.00 (Rupees two thousand five hundred only)
2.Two months (advance) meal charges:Rs. 1700.00 (Rupees one thousand seven hundred only)
Total:Rs. 4200.00 (Rupees four thousand two hundred only)

Girls Hostel fees

Sl. No.ItemAmount
1.Admission fee:Rs. 2200.00 (Rupees two thousand two hundred only)
2.Two months (advance) meal charges:Rs. 700.00 (Rupees seven hundred only)
Total:Rs. 2900.00 (Rupees two thousand nine hundred only)


Administrative side

Administration of the College is being Governed by the Administrator appointed by the Department of Health & F. W., Govt. of West Bengal and by the full time Principal cum Superintendent of the College & Hospital.

College teachers' council

All the full time teachers are the members to the council are taking active role in the matter of academic interest and other problem in need. In each year the Secretary of the Teachers' Council is selected/ elected among the members of the council. Principal is the ex-officio of the Teachers' Council. Principal appointed a number of committees for the smoth running of the college $ Hospital. As per norms & recommendation of Central Council of Homoeopathy an 'Apex Body' by Heads of the Departments is being constituted to evaluate the normal running of the academic matter of College & Hospital.

The students willing to reside at college hostel have to apply to the principal through the super-intendant of the College Hostel. Every student except those who reside with their parents or other legal guardian approved by the Principal would reside either in the hostel or lodge(Mess) approved by the principal. No student is permitted to reside in the private mess without the prior approval of the head of the institution. Any false statement/ declaration will be dealt guilty and detrimental and accordingly will be punishable. Every student (hostel boarders) must abide by the rules, "the bye-laws or constitution" of the college hostel.

Non Teaching Staff

VacantHead Clerk
Swapan Kumar MitraAccountant
VacantClerk cum Typist
Mitali SamantaStore Keeper
Suprabhat TripathiData Entry Operator
VacantLaboratory Attendent
Sri Samir DasPeon
Bikash BarmanPeon
Sri Rabi MukheeLaboratory Attendent
Deptt. of Anatomy
Mr Pankaj Kr RayLibrarian (Contractual)
Nikhil SinghaGroup D (Deputed)
Bulu Das -
Ananda Moy GhoshGroup D
Paran RouthGroup D

hospital staff

Dr. Mithun Chakraborty
RMO, Deputed
Dr Bholanath Panda
  BHMS(Univ. of Cal)
VacantPart time Pathologist
VacantAsst. Radiographer
Amalesh Kumar BhuniaYoga instructor
Sukanta GhoshYoga assistant
VacantAccounts Clerk
VacantLaboratory Technician
Smt. Mitali SamantaStore Keeper
Smt. Chhaya DasCook
Sri S.P. KarakPeon
Sri N.R. BhakatPeon
Smt. K. HarhPeon
Sri Pradip Kumar Bhakat -
Smt Maya KhanSweeper
Smt. Lakshmi DasSweeper
Smt. Kabita BeharaSweeper
Sri Jalaswar MahatoSweeper
Dhanapati MandalHostel Employees(Boys')
Gour Hari PalHostel Employees(Boys')
Subash MaliHostel Employees(Boys')
Tapan PramanikHostel Employees(Boys')
Bablu ChitrakarHostel Employees(Boys')
Smt. Gita DeHostel Employees(Girls')
Smt. Nirmala DolaiHostel Employees(Girls')
Smt. Kabita DasHostel Employees(Girls')
Sk. Mahammad HossainHostel Employees(Girls')

hospital staff Nurse

Ms. Gita DeStaff Nurse
Ms. Subarna Prabha BeraStaff Nurse
Ms. Kabita GhoshStaff Nurse
Ms. Aparna RoulStaff Nurse
Ms. Krishna KuilaStaff Nurse
Ms. Anjana BeraStaff Nurse
Ms. Susama AdakStaff Nurse
Ms. Sutapa SenStaff Nurse
Ms. Suprabha BeraStaff Nurse
Ms. Suparna ProdhanStaff Nurse