Department of Organon of Medicine

Faculty Members: 4

Dr. Alok Kumar Ghosh
MD(Hom.), University of Calcutta, M.B.A (Health) (S.M.U)
Reader & HOD
Joining Date: 30.07.2008,
Teaching Experience: 10 Years

Dr Subroto Nag
BHMS, MD(Hom) - University of Calcutta
Joining Date: 17.08.2004,
Teaching Experience: 14 Years

Dr Prabir Das
BHMS(University of Cal),MD(Hom)
Joining Date: 20.08.2018,
Teaching Experience: -

Dr. S. Chowdhury
BHMS, University of Calcutta
Part-time Lecturer
Joining Date: 29.08.2003,
Teaching Experience: 15 Years

The Organon of Medicine is the cornerstone of homeopathic principles and practice, and used by homoeopathy students and practitioners.